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Coaches Code of Conduct

To ensure the atmosphere of the SNHFFL is based on the principles of fair play and sportsmanship and in the best interests of the league, as a coach in the SNHFFL you are required to inform you players and their families/supporters of the following rules of conduct which will be enforced during the season.

1.     The rules governing this league state that both teams will honor and respect all calls made by the officials. Nobody is perfect and mistakes will be made by players, coaches, and officials. You may ask for an explanation or even have a short, polite discussion. But do not sidetrack the game or take attention away from the players - we are all here for the kids.

2.     Once any issues of disagreement have been settled and play resumes, the situation is finished and should not be revisited. Continued discussion or remarks are bad form and set a poor example for all players. Let it go. Your players will follow your example, and you will want them focused on the next play and not dwelling on the past. Set the example for them to follow.

3.     SNHFFL staff reserve the right to interrupt any game which they deem is not within the grounds of fair play or sportsmanship.

4.     Physical/verbal abuse toward a referee, player, spectator, coach or staff member will result in disciplinary action from the league and could result in suspension.

5.     Crowd support and encouragement during the games is welcomed, however, inappropriate, rude or confrontational behavior is not acceptable.

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